Weight Spreadsheet

This sheet will calculate your SLOW TAPER for use with an inexpensive $20 scale.

FULL WEIGHING TUTORIAL AT   https://duloxetine.info/weight

If you have a PC with software, use your spreadsheet program. 

If you don't have a spreadsheet program, use the SHEET app from Google Apps.  

If you do not have a Google account, we strongly recommend you get one.  Their apps are free and very useful.  Also, their email is THE most secure of any free email available.

  • Download the WEIGHT sheet from the "Download" button below. 
    • Remember where you saved it!
  • Create a Google email account at https://gmail.com  
    • This will be your Google account info required for using their FREE tools.
  • Go to their SHEETS app in your PC browser  
  • Use the File Folder icon (far right near top of screen)     to open the spreadsheet you downloaded from the Files section of this site.

Fill in the light green cells on the sheet, starting with the 3 capsule contents weight average.